Simply Sports Thailand Academy use technique drills, video footage, computer analysis software, practice exercises and 25 years of experience to give you the best improvement possible in the most simple and easiest way.

Beginner Lessons.

  • Understanding the Equipment.
  • The Grip, Stance and Posture.
  • The Back Swing and how it works.
  • Ball Impact is the most important piece.
  • Making a great Finish to your Swing.

Intermediate & Advanced Lessons.

  • Take your game to the next level. Drop 5-10% off your score.
  • Better Impact and Consistency.
  • Hot it Longer for easier Approach Shots.
  • Learn to Control the Ball Flight.
  • Trouble Shots and Recovery Options.

Chipping Lessons

  • Chipping and Putting is 65+% of your overall score. It's Vital.
  • Vary the Club to give different ball control options.
  • Stance and Posture over the ball.
  • Use a "Landing Spot" to better judge distance and roll.
  • Know the Short and Long chip for best results.

Putting Lessons

  • The quickest way to improving your score is to improve your putting.
  • Simple adjustments to get great results.
  • Alignment and Body Position.
  • Distance Perception and Control.
  • Reading and Understanding the Slopes on the greens.

Sand Bunker Lessons

  • Set up in the Sand.
  • Getting the ball out First time.
  • Playing the long green side bunker shot.
  • From Fairway bunkers back onto the Grass.
  • Advance Sand Bunker Techniques.